Här har vi lagt in ett mail från Lina i vilnius, vi har skrivit frågor och hon har svarat, hennes svar har vi gjort i fet stil.

Hallo again!

How are you? We are feeling fine and we are working hard in school.
Many things to read and many different tests. But we are not

- the same with us, just we are writing new projects and reports,
because the year is ending...

week nr. 2 sounds good to us. just now we are trying to get the money
to the air-tickets. we have just got to know that there will be no
teachers coming with us to Lithuania. We have to do this alone, but
that will be Ok for us.
- yep with you this is ok, but according Lithuanian laws, if you are
not 18, someone should lead you... Hopefully one of you will be 18
years old... ????

Here are some practical questions:
How do we get to SOS Children´s villages? We are planning to get to
Villnius by bus, but after we are in Villnius?
I talked with SOS village director and he suggest to accommodate you
in Skroblu str. 15-115B, Vilnius, in Day care center apartment. So, as
I understood you will be 3 girls, yes? And If you don't mind, you will
stay in one room (so feel like in camp :) How to get there, we can
discuss, when you will know concrete date and time, someone of us will
meet you. There are showers and kitchen, washing machine and etc.

What do you expect us to do at the SOS Children's village? We expect,
that you will practice in Day care centre and it means: have fun with
children :) (and it's up to you, just think, what you know and can
teach children (fashion show, painting, cooking, outing and etc.).
Seriously, I think, that you will have free morning to see town or do
what you want, and children are coming at 2 p.m. and stay approx. till
6 p.m., so late evening will be yours.

Where do we live during the stay at your place? Skroblu str. 15-115B, Vilnius
Where do we eat and what will that cost? We are providing snacks for
children in Day care center, so breakfast and lunch you can eat there,
but for dinner either you should go out (close to this place there are
some cafeterias, restaurants, pizzeria) or buy something and cook for
yourself. Will cooking be challenge for you? Our social workers
sometimes cook with children (pasta, pizza, cakes)


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